House Rules

  1. Be nice. That means, be courteous and kind to others. This is the over-arching culture of the Made For More Academy.
  2. We're all here to have fun and to make dreams come true.
  3. Everyone is here of their own accord and agrees to participating under these house rules.
  4. Abusive, racist or sexist terms, language and/or comments will not be tolerated.
  5. Everyone is an equal. We are here to share our thoughts in a productive way that will encourage and bring insight to each other.
  6. Feedback and critique will be inevitable. HOWEVER, we will not tolerate abusive comments. If you have feedback for a fellow student, please provide the feedback with respect.
  7. Giving feedback is not the same as being critical. Giving feedback is about giving responsible information that will help and encourage your fellow students. This is not about being a critic. It's easy to be a critic. It's much more noble to get in the ring and fight with your friend. (See: "The Man in the Arena speech by Theodore Roosevelt)
  8. We are a community, not some random social media group where people come and go and feel they have free license to dump or attack others at will.
  9. Be respectful when sharing feedback. No one is under the delusion that there won't be feedback. We're all learning, so healthy, useful, and productive critiques and questions are welcomed.
  10. That said, when receiving healthy feedback, DO NOT BE OFFENDED! Oh my goodness - people get offended at the silliest things. If you are easily offendable, then either slay that thing now, get some support for this, or reconsider taking this course. I'm not trying to be harsh. As your coach, it is imperative that you understand the general public is not going to be necessarily KIND to you, or your writing. It's better - much, much better, to be refined in the fire HERE, in the safety of this course and your fellow writers, than to be slaughtered OUT THERE without any guidance, support or wisdom.
  11. Bring all your ideas or questions forward, no matter how silly they may feel or seem. If I can answer them, I will. If they are too in depth, or require a more time-involved session(s), then I will let you know. Either you can hire me for further mentoring, and/or I can refer you to someone else who would have expertise in the area of your need. OR...maybe a fellow student will have some insight to share with you!
  12. What we share here is confidential, and if you choose to participate in this course, then you automatically agree that everything we share together will be kept in the strictest of confidence. That means, you will not share ANY aspect of this course and what your fellow students disclose to ANYONE. Not your mother, your best friend, your neighbor, your dog or cat or parrot. NO ONE! :)
  13. Please understand that while these are my "house rules," I cannot provide any guarantees to anyone, nor can I be held liable for any breach of these house rules. By continuing on with this course, you are saying you have full understanding of this and will hold me harmless for any violation of such by any participant of this course.
  14. Now that the heavy issues are discussed, let's take a breath, and go to the next section.
  15. Remember, these courses are about making your dreams come true, so let's have some fun together doing so!